Until about 2 years ago, a cushion was for making a sofa look pretty and occasional plumping if looking a bit saggy in the centre.

But fast forward to the present day (and the present moment), and a decent cushion (or Zafu) is an integral part of my meditation practice, allowing me to sit relatively still for what can seem like an interminable amount of time, if I´ve got ants in my pants or cramp in my legs.

And with a friend recently tentatively dipping his toe in the sometime choppy meditation waters, I wanted to make sure he had the best chance staying afloat, and so decided to seek out the perfect meditation cushion to suit both his needs and painful knees.

As often happens in these instances a fortuitous message landed in my Facebook inbox asking me to ´like´ La Artensana del Yoga, which happens to be a small business run by Inma dedicated to making bespoke Yoga accessories ranging from yoga mat bags, yoga straps, Thai fisherman style trousers and of course meditation cushions. And before I knew it, I was seated in a café in Plaza de Armas rifling through a huge suitcase filled with samples of Inma´s work, already feeling zafu envy for the gorgeous creation that I was about to commission for someone else.

And I was not to be disappointed, just a couple of weeks later, back in Plaza de Armas (Inma lives in a pueblo just outside of Seville), I almost shrieked with delight at the unveiling of the most beautiful work of cushion art I´d ever seen. This may seem like a slight over reaction to most, but one finds delight where one can these days, so mine just happens to be in meditation cushions.

So if stylish yet comfy Zafus are your passion, then check out La Artesana del Yoga on her Facebook page or find Inma in the artesan market underneath Triana Bridge in the Paseo de la O on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

La Artesana del Yoga – Inma . Tel 661 260 196 y en

  1. Another fantastic tip – as a yoga practiser (?) I will be checking out Inma's stall – thanks Mary!

  2. Another fantastic tip – as a yoga practiser (?) I will be checking out Inma's stall – thanks Mary!

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