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There are two things I turn to when I’m feeling out of balance, be it physically, mentally and even spiritually. Yoga sorts my body and chills me out, while Reiki can get me out of an emotional funk better than any antidepressant.

Both work with our body’s energetic system. Yoga through different postures called asanas that unite the body and mind while lengthening and strengthening muscles. Reiki – translated as universal life energy – is an energetic healing system in which energy blocks are removed and general healing promoted.

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So it was my ultimate dream to try a one-to-one private yoga/reiki session with Claudia Wiens. German by birth, Claudia has many years experience practicing different styles of yoga such as ashtanga, hatha and vinyasa flow.

“Over the years I found out that, even though all these types are wonderful and have their specific benefits, I don’t like to stick to only one of them but rather prefer to combine ideas. Life is fluid and ever changing and so are the needs of our bodies, which I like to honour,” she says.

For Claudia, Reiki is the perfect complement to her yoga classes.

“Specific Yoga poses and sequences can open and align the seven main chakras of the body. A thoughtfully sequenced asana (posture) practice can free up energy and heal imbalances in the energy centers. This prepares one for the following Reiki treatment and the reception of universal Reiki energy can result in a more profound healing experience.

Claudia offers private sessions from her home in Triana, but on this occasion came to my house to give me the class. The yoga came first, which she’d tailored to my physical needs (tight hips being the bane of my life). This was followed by about half an hour of blissed out reiki.

Needless to say, I had to be practically peeled off the massage couch at the end of the 90 minutes, feeling more physically and mentally aligned than I had done in quite a while.

Claudia also offers outdoors yoga classes and sound massage sessions.

For more information call her on 609859419, email, Facebook  or checkout her website  


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