While I´m on the subject of shopping

Today I have stepped out wearing the biggest fashion faux pas known to women, leggings, black ankle boots and white socks. I don´t know whether this means I have a healthy f**k it ego, or I’ve just let things slide in the style department. Either way, catching glimpses of the tops of my socks taunting me throughout the day was enough to send into the centre of town to sort out my sock drawer once and for all.

But just as I was tying up my bike on a before unfrequented street, it happened again, a gorgeously stylish shop front beckoned me in with an array of vibrant Japanese fabrics, bags and adorable accessories. And before I knew it the seduction process had begun, whereby I could imagine myself wearing every single one of the one-off bags, rucksacks and purses made by young designer Nuria Gonzalez under her moniker Zález.

 I might add to those that know me, my birthday is not far away, and please feel free to peruse in Zález until your heart´s content and pick up a little something or other. For me Nuria´s work, which incidentally all takes place in situe in the shop´s workshop, is exquisitely designed, and uniquely charming. Part of her mission statement is to endeavour to ignore catwalk trends, which for someone who has absolutely no idea of what the kids are wearing right now, suits me down to the ground.

Zález, Calle Don Alfonso el Sabio 6, Sevilla (behind Plaza Encarnación)


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