Where have all the vegetables gone?

I am currently trying to get to the bottom of a culinary X-Files style mystery.

Head to any street market like Calle Feria or Plaza Encarnación and the stalls are brimming with the vibrants hues of luscious looking vegetables. Nothing like the pre-packaged tasteless durge that grace the aisles of supermarkets in the UK. But then something strange happens, there appears to be some kind of culinary Bermuda Triangle where vegetables disappear as soon as you step foot in a restaurant or tapas bar. Ok so you might see a mixed salad with a bit of iceberg lettuce and some soggy tomatoes or some tasty but rather overcooked Spinach and chickpeas. ´But where have all the vegetables gone?´ I often lament.

Ok, so I might be a little more oversensitive to the absence of the vegetable in your average eating establishment as I´m not a fan of the various pork related dishes that make up a grand proportion of the menus in Seville. But why aren´t Sevillanos walking around with a serious case of Scurvy?

The nearest I´ve got  recently to some vegetables accompanying a dish was at Al Aljibe, on you´ve guessed it, The Alameda. On this occassion we ate Tuna Tataky on, wait for it, a bed of roasted vegetables. Yes, a bed or roasted vegetables. I almost wept with joy.

The Al Aljibe is the perfect place to take parents, friends or anyone who can´t face another plate of Carrillada or Salmorejo. They do have Salmorejo on the menu, but they substitute the trusty tomato for the comparatively exotic beetroot. They´re basically fusion style tapas, bringing together flavours from all over the world such as Salmon Sashimi marinated with a chilli, tamarind and rocket vinegarette and an utterly delicious and very on trend Salmon and Passion fruit Ceviche.

Al Aljibe is on the up-market tourist map, so don´t be deterred if you look around and find yourself surrounded by Conde Naste Traveller readers. It´s a beautiful location, the staff are charming, and you will be saving yourself from a vitamin C deficiency related disease.

Al Aljibe, Alameda de Hercules 76


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