Wanna stay cool? Say no to Nylon

Top heat beating tip for the day; eschew nylon at all costs. It´s obvious really, 40 degree heat plus synthetic fibres = pongy armpits and less friends. But step foot in any shop on the high street and you will be greeted by an array of man made fabrics that no amount of anti-perspirant can temper.

The solution dear friends is good old-fashioned cotton and if you want to go one step further towards fresh smelling loveliness, go organic. Verde Moscu, which has just transferred from happening Calle Regina to Calle Ortiz de Zuñiga in the ultra hip Soho Benita district, specialise in natural fabrics that are organic and/or locally designed and produced.

Run by a quartet of sociologists they impart their social vision into their business. At Verde Moscu there are no owners or workers, their clothing is fair trade and as much as possible they minimise the distance travelled by each item of clothing.

I love the simple yet stylish cotton summer dresses and T-shirts. Plus if you´re cut from vegan cloth there is animal cruelty free footwear to fit your principles, while any leather stocked is naturally treated rather than using chemicals.

The new shop near independent staples Isadora and La Importadora, is light and breezy, rather like their clothing ranges. Watch out for their uber trendy, vertical wall garden stocking over 40 luscious indoor plants, further imbuing the atmosphere with natural, plant goodness.

Verde Moscu, Calle Ortiz de Zuñiga 5


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