Uniquely Seville – El Rincón del Buho

There’s something terribly romantic about elegant decay, when a once imposing grandeur has been stripped bare by peeling paintwork and crumbling plaster. I’m not advocating that Seville’s historic buildings be left to wreck and ruin, but on wandering around the Casco Antiguo in almost every street there’s an ivy-strewn, façade that hints at a decadent past.

‘El Rincon del Buho’ is a prime example. Once a Corrala de Vecinos and then an hermandad Rociero, for the last six years it’s been a cultural association and general meeting place for creative souls of the barrio. An obvious draw being its regular schedule of concerts of every genre, exhibitions, yoga classes etc, but also the extraordinarily good value ‘Menu del dia’, perfect for any bohemio in need of a substantial meal.

For 4 Euros you get to choose two dishes from a wide selection, including several for vegetarians. In the past I’ve had  vegetable rice, choco with potatoes, vegan bolognese, there’s usually some sort of vegetable, creamy soup, all tasty and extremely filling. Then there’s dessert, plus wine/beer and bread.

It’s important to point out that El Rincón del Buho isn´t a restaurant or bar and that all money made from serving food and other activities is ploughed back into keeping the association going. Indeed technically if you´re there you should be a member or socio, just a matter of filling in a piece of paper and doesn´t cost a céntimo.

Lunch is more than just filling a hole at el Rincón. It´s an experience of feeling like you´ve opened a portal into a Sevillano, parallel universe that few people have entered. Frequented by characters in the true sense of the word (not sure what that makes me in that case), you can expect to eves drop on conversations about existensialism, politics, lucid dreaming and if you´re lucky, you might even get to chip in.

It´s most definitely not a fancy, sanitised joint for cool kids to hang out in and that´s probably why I love it.

El Rincón del Buho, Calle Parras 31
Menu del dia – every lunchtime


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