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It´s that time again, the time when I start getting a bit on edge, possibly even a little bit irritable. I look in the fridge and see that it looks woefully bereft of anything approaching organic vegetables. In my cupboards I might see a lonesome chickpea and a handful of brown rice. ´For god´s sake, why don´t you just go to the supermarket?´ you might ask. Why indeed? Well, I´ll tell you why, because tomorrow´s the monthly organic food market in the Alameda and I´m bubbling with expectation.

I think it is a sign of the times, or my times at least, that the approach of an organic produce market might inspire in me such excitement. Flashback a few years, and it might have been going to a painfully cool bar in Shoreditch, or a hedonistic week in Ibiza. But now that´s not how I roll. I revel in beans and pulses, I come over all funny at the sight of pea green olive oil and don´t even get me started on a gnarly looking bunch of beetroots replete with their leaves.

The monthly ´Feria ecológica de Productures´ has got it all; freshly picked vegetables that still sparkle with the morning dew, cheeses pongy enough to make you pass out while groaning in pleasure at the same time, delicious German bread and pastries from Das Brot, a selection of legumes, rice, pasta and flour well beyond what you’ll find in any supermarket or health food store, homemade gourmet beers, honey fresh from the bee and much, much more, all locally and organically produced.

But get there early to avoid the bun fights that invariably break out between irate mother earths who defend their places in the queue to the death. So far, only the beans and rice stall seem to have a ticketing system, with the rest it’s he or she who dares, wins. So in the case of the Saturday organic market, the early bird gets both the easy life, and breakfast afterwards.

Feria Ecolólogica de Productores locales (organic market) – Every second Saturday morning of the month, Alameda de Hercules (in front of Cafe Central).



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