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It´s been a while since I´ve waxed lyrical aboout my barrio, but there´s been a blog post inside me that´s been just bursting to come out. Obviously, it´s vegetable related, that goes without saying, and it´s no surprise that it combines my other great love, all things organic.

´Las Comadres´ could be mistaken for yet another ´fruteria´ on a street that already heaves under the strain of a multitude of other fruit and veg shops, but on stepping inside you soon realise that this little gem has got so much more to offer. Las Comadres feels like an organic shop for the people. It´s got a selection of non organic products  for the locals who are yet to be convinced by the benefits of eating non chemically treated foodstuffs, and then there´s a bountiful array of organic delights, mostly from local producers in Andalucia to keeps the likes of me happy. It used to be the case that going on a Tuesday guaranteed you the best selection of produce as in the past they only had a weekly delivery of organic goods, but now with a second consignment on Thursdays, you´re guaranteed fresh veggies throughout the week.

The owners and actual ´Comadres´ are Vanesa and Begoña whose passion to create a healthier and more responsible future radiates from their very core and inside you´ll find them equally at home chatting to local grannies as they are to health conscious guiris such as myself. Hidden away in every nook and cranny there are countless surprises from artisan soaps and non chemical cleaning products, giant jars of organic honey, sacks brimming with dried legumbres and brown rice, to he most unexpected delight of all, a petite and bijoux library where, just by leaving your name and telephone number, you can borrrow a book and bring it back when you can.

Every time I shop in las Comadres, I leave with a wam feeling inside, the result of having stocked up on tasty treats to feed my soul and fill my stomach. Shopping there feels like being part of a little family with the comadres at the helm spreading their organic love to the Macarena masses.

Las Comadres, Calle Leon XIII, no 61 Sevilla


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