Tap and Swing in Seville

Photo: Samuel Rigal Muñoz

One ‘good’ thing to come out of the year from hell is the explosion of tap dancing, here in Seville. And the man responsible for that is Samuel Rigal Muñoz. Originally from Cuba, he’s been stomping the boards for 10 years here, primarily teaching and promoting Swing dancing (check out the Swing concert in Gines this Sunday 16 May). As swing invariably needs a partner and therefore off the menu this past year, tap dancing has come into its own because holding a partner close is not required; snazzy clackers (of varying designs and heights) and a wooden board to protect the floor are, though!

Samuel teaches in various places, one of them being the Sin Sombreros, written about on these pages a few months ago and organises the Swing Festival, Tap Jams at the Gallo Rojo on Saturday mornings and Sunday Swing afternoons by the water in the Magallanes Park by the Torre Sevilla. The fab pianist Rafa Arregui is usually bringing up the rear with other great musicians.

With all his commitments, Samuel doesn’t seem to have a spare moment, teaching during the week and then donning his tap shoes on a Sunday lunch time at the Assejazz concerts upstairs at the plaza Odeon (the cinemas opposite the Plaza de Armas bus station) before heading off to the river for an afternoon of Swing.

And if you’ve got two left feet, no problem, park yourself in a quiet spot at any of the locations and just listen and admire. It’s joyous.

Check Samuel’s and Rafa’s FB pages for up-to-date events

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