Stitched up a treat

Living in the Alameda where every night the bars are full of people drinking cervecitas until the early hours it’s hard to believe there’s a crisis going on… ‘Crisis, que crisis?’ I ask myself. But it seems people are tightening their belts especially when it comes to the multitude of communions and weddings that are attended each year, with not eveyone is splashing out on a brand new outfit.

I’ve had a dress loitering in my wardrobe, that hangs off my bony protuberances like an old sack, but has always had the potential to be something beautiful, so with a wedding approaching I decided to bite the bullet and find a seamstress who does ‘arreglos’.

After whizzing round the streets of Calle Feria on my trusty bike, I finally picked up a flyer for Carmen, an out-of-work, matronly administrative assistant who sews to keep the wolf from the door. Tucked away in block of flats, she beavers away taking up and in and letting down and out whatever items come her way.

She called me ‘hija’ most of the time, which is fine by me, and most importantly did a fine job tranforming my dress into the perfectly fitting, figuring hugging delight I always knew it could be.

Carmen, just off Calle Feria, Telephone 954 906 794


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