Sonoro – perfect for the rain

Regular readers of my blog will know how I like to make insightful observations about the idiosyncrasies of the local folk of Seville. It’s easy to do because Seville has the strongest identity of any place I’ve ever visited, and often it’s the Seville way or the highway.

One little foible that’s had me flummoxed from the very start, is the unwavering loyalty to a particular drinking establishment. This sounds like a good thing right? But it can be maddenly frustrating, as every week it’s the same thing, in the same place, talking about the same old things, particularly when there’s a whole city to be discovered.

One group of friends (you know who you are) could be found without fail outside Alameda drinking hole Sonoro every Friday and Saturday night. It got to become a bit of a running joke, but one I wasn’t really in on, as from outside Sonoro was just like any other bar. And along with most Sevillanos, my grupito de amigos, only ventured inside to get buy their beverage of choice. So I just didn’t really get it.

Since starting this blog, I´ve found myself doing my damnedest to try out new exciting places, so Sonoro and I had sort of parted company. Until last night that is, when we had a timely and emotional reunion, kissed and made up and put any bad feeling behind us.

The thing is, and this is what I’d forgotten, Sonoro is kind of cool. It looks and sounds like a proper bar, the lighting is interesting (by Seville standards), and there’s usually some fairly decent house music being played, plus the clientele is the kind of polysexual  and cultural melting pot that for me always ticks the boxes. But folks, you’ve got to hang out inside to find out, and so now’s the time to do it as Sonoro is the perfect place to dodge the deluging downpours, and the early March chilly evenings. And then when spring comes and the balmy evenings return, you all have my full permission and indeed blessing to resume the default position of sipping cervecitas and Tinto de Verano outside on the street.

Cafe Sonoro, Calle Vulcano 7, Alameda de Hercules, Sevilla



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