Six things I will be doing in Seville in 2017

1. Writing more blog posts

I’ve been a bit MIA of late. Too many hours spent working at my computer had slightly taken the joy out of updating the blog. But I’ve really missed sharing my little joys and discoveries with you guys, so fear not, in 2017 I will be back.

2. Dancing


I love a bit of dancing, I do, and towards the end of last year I started African dance classes with Elena Fernandez Maceda at a really cute little artsy space ‘La Sin Miedo’ on the Avenida de la Cruz Roja. It was tricky at first, my arms and legs just didn’t seem to do the things they were supposed to. But now I’ve got more or less the hang of it, I love the endorphin charged, sweat fest, that’s accompanied every week by live percussion.

And if I haven’t danced myself dizzy, I will most certainly be continuing my Brazilian love affair at the regular Roda de Samba in Habanilla and Eureka.

3. Taking part in an open mic


I am a secret extrovert. The older I’ve got, the more hidden it’s become. But put a mic in my hands, and you’ll have to rugby tackle me to retrieve it again. I’m no Adele, but I can hold a tune, but so far my warblings have been confined to the odd Karaoke. But I with the ushering in of 2017, it’s time I brush off my embarrassment and step up to the challenge of singing at the Sra. Pop Micro Abierto on Sunday evenings. Hosted by singer songwriter and all round good guy, Dani Mata, it’s a heart warming platform for anyone wanting to expose their creative talent.

4. Going to more tapas bars

duo tapas food

It’s a tough life I know when one of my biggest regrets of 2016 is not eating out in enough new tapas bars, but it’s easy to get stuck in a culinary rut and just go the same old usual suspects. But there are loads of new bars that have opened of late like Maravilla Social Club on Calle Castellar and Otto Café near Calle Feria that I want to swing by and check out. Please leave suggestions in the comments box for any other new places that warrant a visit.

5. Being productive in a coworking space

One of last year’s big developments was my move to being a full time writer. Yay to no more English teaching! But it has meant that there’s a lot of ‘me, myself and I’ (and the dog), which can get a bit lonely. So for the last few months I’ve been installed in a coworking space called The Thinking Company on Pasaje Mallol. But really Seville is alive with shared workspaces and it’s a great way to integrate with some proper locals, innit.

6. Getting other people to write on the blog too!

Ok, so I mentioned this a couple of months ago, but seriously, I’d love to get some of you guys writing guest blogs on the site. Gaping holes in the blog so far are anything outside the Alameda (so practically the whole city in that case), Seville gay scene, or anything Seville related that you know really well and would love to write about.




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