Sick of the gym – try Entreenate

For a city that spends so much time outside, it’s surprising that there aren’t more outdoor exercise classes in Seville. Ok, you see some running clubs pounding along down by the river and even merry bands of rollerbladers careering along the cycle lanes, but other than that, there’s never been that much going on.

Until that is Entreenate burst onto the scene with their exuberant brand of interdisciplinary, park-based exercise that combines fun with healthy living.


Formed by young entrepreneurs Tamara Muñoz whose background is in Sports Science and Johana Gutiérrez a nutritionist, they’ve already won awards for their innovation and business acumen.

They offer morning and afternoon classes from Monday to Friday in Maria Luisa, Perdigones and Miraflores Parks, plus some additional weekend fitness based activities, such as the Entreenate Express.

I met up with them at Parque de los Perdigones on Wednesday morning for running and GAP class. So after a quick hello we made our way down to the river to do interval running training, interspersed with exercises, using whatever the riverside had to offer.


On this occasion it was press-ups on the bike rails, crawling like a goat/bear up a grassy bank (don’t ask), pull ups on a wall and tricep dips on a step.

This seems to be the Entreenate concept: using what the environment provides as a fun training tool and keeping additional props to a minimum. Although they also have classes such as cross training that use extra equipment.

For me it was perfect. I know I want to do something to keep fit, but find the whole gym experience soul destroying. I also want to regularly see some friendly faces, not just the reflection of someone gurning as they squat thrust in the mirror.

Entreenate offer a week’s trial for free in which you can go to as many classes as you like and then it’s a very reasonable 18 Euros per month.

I’ve got a few more classes to try out before my week’s out: cardiobox on Monday and yoga on Tuesday evening, but I definitely hope to be a fully fledged, t-shirt wearing, Entreenate gang member soon.

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