Seville hairdresser so secret, there’s no street sign

To kick off our series of ‘I Know a Little Place in Seville’ guest blog pieces, here’s a great piece from Lucy Carrington on the only Seville hairdresser able to do her curly locks justice. AND – this is not your usual hairdresser – there’s no sign outside the door, no glitzy shop window. ‘Tea Cut’ is a need to know basis – and dear readers, you have now made it into the inner circle.

Bloody Difficult Woman

While I am not THAT ‘bloody difficult woman’ as mentioned by the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP a few years ago, I most certainly am A ‘bloody difficult woman’ when it comes to getting my naturally curly hair cut.  Six years are almost up in this funky and creative city and bar one hairdresser, who rudely hung up his scissors, I hadn’t yet found anyone who had any flair (read ‘idea’) with my crowning glory.  There have been some ‘alright’ dos but they have been far outweighed by the ‘mullety’ ‘not what I asked for’ ones.


Oh, how I envy those women who go to the hairdressers for a pleasurable, relaxing experience and waft out ready to party.  I am as tense as a block of wood, praying that I get through the experience and who definitely has no social engagements planned, just in case of the usual doom.

As a taster, I’ve been to a place where, on the spur of the moment, I opted to have a pedicure at the same time and was so perplexed as blood gushed from my foot due to a careless scrape of that machete-like instrument, that I failed to notice the hairdresser was RAZOR CUTTING my hair UP the shaft.  Or, in spite of explaining to another cutter that I didn’t want to see the hair-line on my neck so not to cut it too short, I came out looking like I was entering the US Marine Corps.  Readers, I (foolishly) went back as I thought I could see a way to making this relationship work, but no, the same thing happened; I caused a stink and got my money back.

Until now.

Jose Miguel at Tea Cut in Puerta Jerez.  Hallelujah.  Tea Cut uses Aveda products and is hidden behind a huge double door, for which there may be good reason, as it is quite difficult to get an appointment at short notice (Jose Miguel is the only cutter).  There’s no squeezing you in for a quick trim here!

Tea Cut Seville hairdresser

A tall, slim man with greying curly locks himself, I felt buoyed by Jose Miguel’s attitude and he did something I’ve never seen before. After having my hair washed (and back massaged by a magic chair) he just blow-dried it to see what it looked like, how the hair curled and really to take size of the situation. Then he sprayed it with water and the process began.  He asked me to stand up while he cut my hair which seems to be all the rage at the moment, but I wasn’t complaining (for once) as I could see how he knew what he was doing.

There’s a pleasing vibe from the two colourists and young and old clientele and it seemed to be a very efficient outfit with barely audible music (this is good in my book), good lighting and simple decoration.  A wash and cut cost 45 euros.

So, I had my ‘Harmony Hairspray’ moment of ‘Is she or isn’t she‘.  Not that I was wearing any hairspray but was I pleased, yes, I most definitely was.

Tea Cut

Plaza Puerta de Jerez 4

954 223 469


Mary B
  1. Sydney 5 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the article! I also have very curly hair and am in desperate need of a trim…. Do the stylists here speak English or only Spanish?

    • maryblog 5 years ago

      Apologies for the delay. Certainly at Obando and Gloss which are on the blog, the stylists speak some English.

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