Sevilla tiene un color especial, but what colour are you?

One of the most anthemic and slightly clichéd songs written about Seville waxes lyrical about the unique hues of this wondrous city, from the vibrant blue of the expansive sky, to the brown skin of the beautiful gypsy girls. But this Thursday in a corner of the Alameda, the city´s revellers will be divided into 3 primary colours, Red, Yellow and Green. And the reason for this somewhat prescriptive colour code is the return of the much missed Halloween Traffic Light party.
I don´t usually use this blog for self promotion, but the aforementioned fiesta is being co-organised by myself, and is combined with the jolly japery of Halloween fancy dress. So basically if you´re single and on the look out, it´s green, green, green, somewhere in the middle and non committal, yellow/ amber, and blissfully happy with your other half, something of the red variety. But fear not if fancy dress is not your cup of tea, this weekend I will mostly be fashioning traffic light style stickers out of coloured card for your disposal, so that there will be no confusion about your relationship status.

Proceedings take place on Thursday at Alameda Rock on Calle Calatrava from 10.30pm onwards, where as well as reasonably priced booze, there will be Halloween stylie vegan tapas available, Boiler Boy spinning some tunes and a prize for the best fancy dress outfit.

Halloween Traffic Light Party
31st October, 10.30pm onwards, Alameda Rock, Calle Calatrava 6


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