Remedial Massage in Seville

I’m a fan of massage – who isn’t at the end of the day? But as an ex-massage therapist, I’m a tough cookie to make happy. Especially when I’ve got some seriously nasty back pain and sciatica that takes the spring out of my step.

What I’m looking for is what I know as remedial massage, something more than the one-size-fits-all style of massage on offer in a spa or beauty salon. I want someone who is going to look at my posture, ask me shed loads of questions, not just about where it hurts, but about the food I eat and my emotional health.

And – that they’re not afraid to go deep when necessary – without leaving my battered and bruised, obviously.

So imagine my joy when I came across Gonzalo Negreira, who offers a hybrid of massage and osteopathy.

What in effect this means is that Gonzalo will consider the whole of you – trying to problem solve and get to the bottom of what really is the root of the discomfort.

Remedial Massage in Seville

It may seem at first glance that where Gonzalo massages you is somehow unrelated to where you have the pain. In my case, the sciatica and lower back issue which has been my constant companion for the last twenty years, could actually be coming from tension in my digestive organs due to eating foods my body can’t tolerate.

That’s not to say, Gonzalo doesn’t get stuck in where needs to; as well as traditional massage, he uses dynamic stretching and trigger point techniques to help return the musculature to its full function.

However, something a little different to your average massage is that Gonzalo works on the floor, so instead of a massage couch, you’re treated on a futon similar to shiatsu.

And finally, for those with shaky Spanish, Gonzalo does speak a little English, but maybe come prepared with a translation if you have a complicated medical history that you need to tell him.

To contact Gonzalo, either phone him or send a WhatsApp on 622 090 363 or email him on










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