Relaxing massage in the centre of Seville

One of the most frequent questions I get asked as accidental Seville oracle is, ‘where can I get a decent massage?’

In reality, massage is a personal thing. From my experience as a former massage therapist, people usually fall into two camps: those that like a good pummelling and the others that prefer a lighter, more relaxing touch.


I always used to be in the former category – if I didn’t leave with at least a few bruises, I wasn’t happy. That was until I had a massage with Sara Tirelli, otherwise known as SAMA-Massage.

Sara Italian by birth, but with perfect English and Spanish, offers holistic massage, energetic facial massage and cranial sacral therapy from a peaceful and zen therapy centre near Plaza de Duque.

Sara’s sessions are holistic in nature, meaning that they’re not just relaxing muscles, but your mind and spirit as well. For Sara massage is a tool to get back to your true self; a way of giving attention to all those parts we have forgotten about ourselves.

In my session with Sara, I felt so relaxed I was literally dribbling through the hole in the massage couch, as I drifted in and out of blissful sleep while she gently eased away my tension.

I strongly recommend a cranial sacral session if you’ve got some emotional blocks that need releasing. Be prepared though to shed a few healing tears in the process, but better out than in, I say.

For more information contact Sara/ SAMA-Massage:


Tel: 00 34 633 21 34 39 (WhatsApp)







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