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In a tiny corner of Seville, close to the iconic Macarena church, meets a group of very special souls, who come together each Friday at La Shala to ´spread the love´. When I say love, what I mean is sharing Reiki, which is Japanese for Universal Life Energy. Some of you may have heard of Reiki, and most probably consigned it to the too weirdy beardy for common consumption drawer, but as I have one foot well and truly planted in all things spiritual, it´s something that I´ve been gradually drawn to over the last 10 years.

In a nutshell, Reiki is a healing energy that comes from the Universe and is there just waiting to be tapped into. You just need to be opened up to it, and heh presto, the love just flows through you. Ok, so it does involve things like ´Chakras´, energy centres commonly associated with Eastern medicine, which for some might be an esoteric bridge too far. But believe me there´s definitely something in it as after just twenty minutes of receiving Reiki, most people feel a deep feeling of peace and relaxation and I for one have on many occasions been left feeling positively transformed.

So back to Friday nights at La Shala. This is essentially a Reiki share, where people come together to practice on each other, or to experience Reiki for the first time. There´s something magical about what takes place there, which is reflected both in the blissed out smiles at the end of the evening and the fact that every week the number of bottoms on cushions, seems to be expanding. This could be related directly to the crisis; there ain´t much on offer for free these days to those who are struggling to pay for a roof over their head. That´s not to say that the Reiki effect will extend to keeping the wolf away from the door, but it might just help you keep your head when those around you are losing theirs.

I for one do my best to pass by there on a Friday night. And I generally leave feeling like I’ve been part of something very special indeed.

Reiki Share (Encuentro de Reiki) Every Friday from 8 – 9.30pm
Calle Orden de Malta 3, Sevilla. Tel 619 224 108



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