Random Seville at its glorious best

I´d like to officially announce the commencement of my ´random shops of Seville´ competition, with the first nominee being ´Casa del Labrador y Ganadero´, an establishment fulfilling the needs of livestock breeders, gardeners, pet owners and vegetarians, all under one roof.

I found myself there after someone recommended it as a good place to get cheap frutos secos (dried fruits and nuts), but nothing prepared me for what awaited as I entered. I thought I´d come to the wrong place as around me I found garden hoses, bird cages, tomato seeds and kilo bags of animal food. But no, this was it, I was totally in the right place, and eventually I found stacks of dried figs, the juiciest raisins and deliciously sweet almonds for my delectation.

My obvious confusion and wonder was picked up on by the guy working behind the counter, who said that even he finds it hard to explain what the shop sells to the uninitiated. And noticing that I clearly wasn´t there in an animal husbandry capacity, he took the opportunity to elaborate on their other supplies for human consumption, which include a mighty selection of loose teas, herbs and ground and whole spices. In fact right now I¨m supping on a cup of chamomile tea freshly brewed from the delicate yellow and white flowers bought at the fraction of the price I usually spend on fancy teas.

So to all you farmers, gardeners, pet owners, tea drinkers and dried fruit eaters out there, Casa del Labrador is the dog´s cojones.

Casa del Labrador y Ganadero, Calle Resolana 3, 954 376 693 (near Macarena Arch)


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