Open Doors at Corralón del Pelicano – 5th and 6th March

If you’re anything like me, when you walk past the door of an artisan’s workshop and the door’s slightly open, you can’t help wondering ‘What are they doing in there?’ and you wish you could go in. Well, you’re in for a treat! This weekend 15 artisans from the Corralón del Pelícano open their doors to the public. It’s not signposted, but you’ll find the entrance at number 4 Plaza de Pelícano, nestled in the corner of the square next to Hipermercado Bazar.

As you step through the gates and onto the cobbled lanes, you feel as if you’re leaving the city of Seville behind. The bougainvillea tumbles over the workshops – some 40 in total – and the noise of the traffic disappears, replaced by the chopping of wood, drilling, and the gentle hammering of metal. The people who use the workshops are mainly artisans and artists, but there are also musicians. You’ll find rehearsal areas and a co-working space too. Don’t miss it!

Corralón del Pelícano – photo Marcos Domínguez

Instagram @Pelicanoahora

List of people/workshops taking part

Alexa Grande, pintura, local 30
Aline Garcia, escultura/local 36
Carmen Gavilán, pintura y fotografía, local 44
Carmen Vela, fotografía, local 30
Cráneo Creación y Manuel Luna, cursos y pintura, local 10
Hombre de Madera, ebanistería (woodwork) local 16
Kartel Studio, serigrafía (screenprinting) local 43
La Bañera Co-working, local 5
Magali Potmic, cerámica, local 29
Marcos Domínguez, cursos y escultura, local 36
Nono, carpintería, local 42
Pez Cámara, fotografía, local 41
Ricardo Llinares, pintura, local 44
Xandra «Espacio Vacío», cursos y circo, local 22

Sculpture classes with Marcos Domínguez whose workshop at local 36 will be open to the public this weekend.

Useful information

Dates: Saturday 5th March 11:00 – 22:00 & Sunday 6th March 11:00 – 20:00

Address: No 4 Plaza de Pelícano

Getting there: Sevici station 046_Plaza de Pelícano, E-scooter stand at No 4 Plaza de Pelícano, Buses 01, 10, C1, C3 and a 3-minute walk from Ronda de Capuchinos (stop San Julián)

Nearby bars: Bar Pelícano has gone downhill recently, I think they’re under new management, abetter bet is to head to Bartolina in Plaza Moravia or any of the bars in Calle San Julián.

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