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Pilates has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I know it would probably do me some good as I’ve always been a bit abdominally challenged (the curse of the Biles belly strikes again), but for some reason I’ve always gravitated towards yoga.

But a while back I checked out the new Pilates Salud studio on Calle Arrayan, just off Calle San Luis. They offer mat classes from the intimate studio downstairs, plus personalised classes on reformer machines (think middle ages torture chamber) on the first floor of the smart, refurbished townhouse.


I’ve messed around with reformer machines in the past and the idea as I understand it, they are much more focussed on individual muscle groups, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of a mat class.


On my visit I was accompanied by Alicia Ortega, who as well her extensive Pilates training, speaks excellent English if your Spanish doesn’t stretch to exercise terminology. The machine classes are usually done in pairs and Alicia flitted seamlessly between myself and another Pilates enthusiast who was an excellent ambassador for the discipline with her rock-hard abs and firm thighs.

Price wise, there are different possibilities you can sign up to. Just matt classes: 10 sessions costing €120, a combination of 5 matt and 5 machines classes at €180, 10 machine classes in pairs at  €250 or individually at €350.

It’s more expensive than an average gym class, but you’re paying for the more personalised attention. Most definitely worth it if you’re a Pilates nut, someone recovering from a back injury or just wanting an effective approach to improve core strength.

Pilates Salud have two other studios on Calle Castillo de Utrera 19 and Calle Lumbreras 9.

For more information consult their website  or Facebook




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