Pescao Crudo – Jammin’ Triana style

Summer’s here, where horribly hot days are followed by deliciously, balmy evenings. TVs are firmly switched off as every night is an opportunity to loiter around on a street corner, feeling the warm breeze caress bare arms. This is why we live in Seville. These blissful evenings quickly erase the memories of the unbearable daytime heat, like to a mother, a baby’s giggle blank out the excruciating pain of childbirth.

And for a city that’s landlocked and an hour away from a hint of cooling, sea air, the river gives you a tantalising taste of being by water. Triana is where most of the nocturnal riverside action takes place, but somehow, what with being an outrageous extra 15 minutes by bike, our paths very rarely cross.

pescao crudo1

But yesterday evening, I headed across the river, with the promise of some musicians jamming somewhere, with that somewhere turning out to be slap bang on the river on a ´come as you find me´ terrace belonging to the Espacio Pescao en Crudo (Raw Fish Space). The jam element took a while to turn into full audience participatory flow, with initially a hardcore group of musicians playing reggae, bossanova and latin jazz, but before long there was some rap thrown into the equation, with musicians of all permutations soon coming out of the woodwork.

The vibe was Seville summer at its best, low key, impromptu, with just enough Cruz Campo, Tinto de Verano and canines to keep things entertaining. It was the first jam session organised at what is normally a space for Triana residents to do workshops, yoga etc, but would without a doubt make a welcome addition to the social diary for those endless, hots nights of summer.

Espacio Pescao en Crudo, Paseo de la O 26, Triana



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