PC3 Informatica – Computer says yes

One day, not so long ago, I woke up to find a big white blob had suddenly appeared on my lap top screen. I´ve been dabbling with the idea of upgrading my giant brick of a machine for a while now, as temperamental doesn´t even come close to describing its general state of being. So, with a sad sense of resignation I took my trusty Toshiba to the nearest IT shop, PC3 Informatica in San Julian, expecting for it to be heading unceremoniously to the great electronic goods graveyard in the sky.

But lo, all was not lost. It was just the screen that had for no apparent reason decided to give up the ghost. Luckily for me there´s a whole secret world of wheeling and dealing in lap top spare parts, and after some calling around by the guys at the shop, a replacement screen miraculously appeared, was duly fitted and my dear albeit slightly unpredictable friend was back in the land of the living.

The whole episode was resolved within the hour and cost me 50 Euros, so before you ditch your laptop and upgrade to something sleeker and sexier, give PC3 Informatica a whirl, as they may well be able to resuscitate your lap top from obsolescent death and bring it back to life.

PC3 Informatica, Ronda de Capuchinos 4, local D, 1, 41003
Sevilla 954 41 08 78


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