Pain in the Neck

I´m a hard person to please when it comes to receiving Massage and Physiotherapy. As well as being an Ace Blogger, Teacher and general person about town, I´m also a Massage Therapist, and I can´t tell you the number of times I´ve lain face down on a massage couch, teeth gritted through sheer frustration as someone prods and pokes without sufficient knowledge to know what they´re doing.

But a neck that had refused to co-operate with my daily life, remaining obstinately fixed and extremely painful, forced me to bite the bullet and find someone to release me from my discomfort. And through a strong recommendation from a Flamenco dancing chum, I found myself entering a beautiful patio in Triana, in search of Physio and Osteopath Celia.

With a clientele consisting mostly of professional rowers, Celia is matter of fact in her approach. After a few tests to find out where my restrictions lay, she embarked on freeing the blocks with some manipulation that at times left me breathless, but ultimately pain free. She was spot on at picking up on any postural imbalances, that are generally the root cause of most muscular pain and gave me solid advice on aftercare to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

And what´s more, my new pain free state was not disrupted by a hefty bill at the end of the session, at 30 Euros an hour she´s affordable enough to make you come back without needing to take out a bank loan in the process.

Celia Palacios Tel: 635 395 324


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