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I’m a tough cookie to please when it comes to massage and osteopathy. Years slogging away as a massage therapist mean that I don’t suffer fools gladly, and if I get any whiff of blagging or dodgy technique, I’m off the massage couch in an instant and out the door.

Which makes life pretty tricky when I’ve got some raging sciatica and am in need of some a good sorting out.


So, you can’t imagine how thrilled I am to have found a proper therapist. He’s called Alberto and works out of his own minimalist clinic just off Luis Montoto. He’s probably best described as a naturopath really, because as well as massage and osteopathy, he throws in some Bach Flower Remedies, Kinesiology and weird supplements I’ve never heard of.

He is also very generous with his time. I must admit in my old massage days, I was a bit of a clock watcher as latterly my heart wasn’t in it. But with Alberto, you’re looking at a minimum of 90 minutes, and I’ve occasionally emerged renewed and pain free after 2 hours.

Price wise, a session costs a very reasonable 35 Euros. Right now, there’s no website, but don’t let that you put you off, that’s just how things roll sometimes in Sevilla.

And for anybody new in town, Alberto also speaks some English.

Alberto Fuentes Juy, Calle Alcalde Jose de la Bandera 6, local bajo 1

Tel: 672 43 75 14









Mary B
  1. Nash Jones 7 years ago

    Hey Mary,

    I’ve been reading your blog over the last couple of months and think it’s great! I’m currently living in London, but am hoping to move to Seville soon. My partner and I will be visiting over Easter and were hoping you might be up for us buying you a coffee/cocktail and asking you for some advise?

    Fingers and toes crossed you might be able to help us out.
    All the best,

    • Author
      maryblog 7 years ago

      Hi Nash, I’m in the UK for Easter. So I’ll probably miss you I’m afraid unless you’re still there after the 17th

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