Nicholas Chandler – furniture designer and maker

Photo: Fernando Alda

By way of London, North Devon and Oregon, this third-generation master furniture maker has been in Seville for nearly 20 years, setting out his tools in the most glamourous chest of drawers I have ever seen. A dedicated teacher who designs and builds exquisite one-off pieces for the luxury market, he also runs weekend workshops here in Seville and Madrid – one a month in each city.

Even if you are a beginner, you can learn (amongst other things) to make beautiful trays, boxes and spoons. He works out of the co-working space T11 – espacio creativo in a dynamic workshop with other talented people, and also takes on apprentices to teach over longer periods of time.

You can see his masterpiece in a local restaurant and it is a sight to behold. While working from his previous workshop in Plaza de Pelicano, Nicholas met artist Ricardo Rodriquez Linares, one of the owners of ConTenedor restaurant, a main-stay of the slow-food movement. They opened a new concept open-kitchen restaurant, T de ConTenedor, near Alfalfa. The architects at Sol89 designed both the space and the table. Nicholas, assisted by another master furniture maker, Ignacio Sanchez, built it. The chairs already in situ were revamped with off-cuts from the table.

7 different types of timber were used which was rescued from the mulching machine from a range of trees cut down in the city, so it’s very environmentally friendly. It is almost a full circle of 7 segments which are independent from each other and can be raised and lowered for all manner of different purposes. It is a sumptuous affair, both aesthetically and gastronomically, and an experience not to be missed.

@contenedor.restaurante, calle san Luis, 50 T:954916333
@t_espacio_gastronomico, T de conTenedor, calle Boteros, 4 T:635899717

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