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I can’t remember now how long I’ve had a bad back for; twenty years maybe? It’s the reason why there’s been blog post after blog post about various massage therapists, acupuncturists, and osteopaths in Seville.

My experience with bodyworkers mirrors those early heady days of falling in love. I start off thinking I’ve found the osteopath of my life, the one who really sees me and will solve all my niggling aches and pains.

The first few sessions are blissful and full of peak experiences and revelations. And then the dissatisfaction sinks in. ‘Oh, but last time they spent 90 minutes and this time only 60…. Why doesn’t he/she take the time to ask me how I truly am anymore?’

The deal breaker finally happens when I leave the session hurting more than when I entered. And that’s the end of our beautiful relationship.

A few months ago, I’d fallen out of love yet again with my osteopath/massage therapist (not Gonzalo Negreira by the way who I still adore),  when my craniosacral friend Sara mentioned Juan Fernandez at Santé Osteopatía Integral.

To call Juan just an osteopath would be underselling his talents, as in the various sessions I’ve had in the last couple of months I’ve enjoyed acupuncture, reflexology, massage, and osteopathy.

In fact, long before Juan did any of the usual manipulations associated with osteopathy, he used Chinese medicine diagnostic tools followed by needling.

What I’ve really valued about Juan is his holistic approach, as well as the progress made by seeing him consistently over a series of weeks. In my experience, for any lasting change to take place, there needs to be a treatment plan involving more than one session, rather than just a few random appointments when the pain is already too much to bear.

The bottom line is that thanks to Juan’s work, my back (and various other ailments I won’t go into) feel better. And that’s what truly counts.

Santé Osteopatía Integral, Calle Peral 25 bajo A (Alameda), Tel 622 265 322






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