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Apparently human beings are losing the ability to concentrate. Yep, it´s true. The scientists and  pscychologists peeps having been saying it for ages. I know I´ve got the attention span of a gnat. Long gone are the days when I´d buy a broadsheet newspaper and read an interview spanning several pages. Now, I can barely make it through an punchy on line news summary without reaching for my phone to check my whats app.

So in order to adapt to demand or it could be the other way round, everything is spoon fed in digestible chunks. Nothing too taxing or more importantly too long. I won’t bore you with my apocalyptic predicted outcomes of such nanosecond concentration, I’ll leave that to the likes of Charlie Brooker and Black Mirror. I just want to give you a nudge. Pay attention for goodness sake! Do one thing at once! Sod multi-tasking, it sucks and makes you crazy!

But in the meantime, if your poor depleted brain can’t handle long stretches of anything too demanding, like culture or theatre for instance, then I have the perfect solution: Micro Teatro. As you can probably guess from its name, Micro Teatro is bite-sized theatrical performances, usually lasting between 10-15 minutes. They’re usually stand alone scenes and are generally performed in small, intimate places, where you’re spitting distance away from the actors.

Riding the crest of this fashionable, teeny tiny theatrical wave, is the new hot ticket in town, rather ingeniously named ‘Micro Teatro Sevilla’. In close proximity to the Setas, from the street it looks like another cool, bustling bar, but look closer and you’ll notice a small box office to the side with silver wigged aliens selling the tickets (whilst speaking in curious robotic voices). At any one time, there are several mini-plays to choose from, all costing 3.50 Euros, and starting at 8.30pm Thursdays to Sundays, with Fridays and Saturdays having the last performance at 12.20am (sesión golfa).


I saw something called ‘Super love’ which was a saucy, tongue in cheek conversation between two blow-up sex dolls comparing notes on their respective lovers/owners. On entering what was essentially a small black box room, we were all presented with a prop, my being some mirror shades, but the guy behind struck ´hilarious prop gold´ and got to don a pair of fake, rubber breasts. Comedy can be hit and miss, particularly when it’s in another language to your own, but I’m pleased to say I got all the jokes, laughed heartily and eventually forgot about my fake boob envy.


Downstairs there’s a busy bar selling a variety of tapas, of varying quality. My asparagus and artichoke tartar didn’t float my boat, but the ‘exotic’ ensaladilla was a winner.  Tapas aside, it´s got a buzzing atmosphere and definitely somewhere to hangout either before or after the show, or maybe even both. So if you´re attention challenged, or just want to try out your Spanish on a manageable slice of culture, then Micro Teatro is a good place to start.

Microteatro Sevilla, Calle José Gestoso 3

Calle José Gestoso, 3
41003 Sevilla



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