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Right now Sevilla is in the midst of an attack of Feria frenzy. For those who don´t know, La Feria de Abril is a week long excuse to dress up in your finest and most expensive Flamenca dress (or smart suit if you´re a chap), drink from an ever-flowing teeny tiny glass of the Andaluz version of a Spritzer called Rebujito, and dance Sevillanas like your life depended on it. It is an assault on every single one of the senses, and speaking personally after a couple of visits, I’m usually feria’d out and in need of some peace and tranquillity.

My chosen form of gettting away from the maelstrom of life is meditation, and Seville is alive with places where you can sit in silence with others who recognise the same need to tune into what´s going on inside and tune out of the external hustle and bustle.

Not surprisingly around the Alameda there are several centres offering the opportunity learn how to meditate. In Diksha Yoga centre on Calle Relator, Silvia offers guided meditation sessions every Wednesday at 9.30pm lasting an hour, and often featuring meditation exercises to free up your Chakras (energy centres recognised by many Eastern spiritual practices).

Just up the road on Calle Moravia the Sevilla Sangha (Buddhist group) of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn come together every Thursday evening to practise various forms of meditation (sitting and walking) to cultivate Mindfulness (which is a kind of concentrated awareness of the present moment), and also organise monthly mindfulness days in Alamillo Park, plus weekends in the Sierra de Huelva. And on Sunday evenings at The Shala, near the Macarena Arch, Eva leads an introduction to meditation.

Ok, so I´m off to meditate before donning my best bib and tucker, sticking a flower in my hair, and heading back into the madness of Feria once more. Meditation every Wednesday 9.30pm, with a donation of 3 Euros  Meditation every Tuesday and Thursday evening, Saturday mornings plus monthly mindfulness days. Check website to confirm time Meditation every Sunday at 7pm


  1. Iliam 10 years ago

    Any meditation on Sundays?Algun lugar para meditar losDomingos? Any Sangha on Saturday?

  2. Iliam 10 years ago

    Any meditation on Sundays?Algun lugar para meditar losDomingos? Any Sangha on Saturday?

  3. The Thich Nhat Hanh Sangha meditates at 8am on Saturday mornings.

  4. oh and they have monthly mindfulness days too on Sundays.

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