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I think I might be slightly obsessive compulsive. If I find somewhere new and I like it, then I just keep going back time after time.

This happened recently with a new tapas joint called Maravilla Social Club. Truth be known I went the first time before christmas, but it was only on my second trip this week that my obsession took hold.

Situated at the top of Calle Castellar, it used to be a fairly non-descript bar that had gone through various unsuccessful guises. And then suddenly, after a rapid refurbishment, it emerged all exposed wiring, industrial chic.


Menu-wise, Maravilla is dropping the very of the moment fusion style, with influences ranging from a far a field as Peru to Greece (and Andalucia por supuesto). Stand out dish for me was the fake risotto with artichoke, which instead of using Arborio rice uses wheat, and has a creamy, rich depth of flavour. We also tried the vegan moussaka made from texturized soya, salmon with a hint of ginger which was cooked to perfection on a bed of roasted vegetables, and a delightfully juicy octopus.


The menu caters to all tastes, with a nod equally to meat eaters, pescetarians and vegans alike. Plus there’s no scrimping on tapas portions which are generous and reasonably priced.

The service has the right combination of friendly yet professional, and if you still haven’t mastered your Spanish, perfect English is also spoken by some of the staff.

All of which, has tipped me over into the realms of obsession, which for me means eating there twice in two days and probably returning within the week for breakfast, which I have been reliably informed is delicious.

Maravilla Social Club, Calle Maravilla 1 (off Calle Castellar)

Telephone 955 67 20 18

Facebook and website

Advisable to book at weekends







Mary B

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