Mamafante & Papaposa – not just for kids

No tengo hijos. There I’ve said it. I do have a dog but it’s not the same. Consequently, put me in the vicinity of a collection of small people and their large caretakers, and frankly I come out in a cold sweat.

So when I popped my head round the door of ‘Mamafante & Papaposa’, my intention was to satisfy my innate nosiness towards anything new and shiny, before quickly moving on to grab breakfast an my usual weekend Alameda spot.

mamafante & papaposa

Only once inside I became trapped. Trapped because Mamafante & Papaposa, a family friendly café with a kids play space, is totally adorable.  When I say adorable I mean stylishly designed yet cosy, spacious while remaining intimate, and super friendly service whatever your age or persuasion towards little folk with squeaky voices.

The dream of Ana, a pedagogue by training (no I’d never heard of pedagogy either until I moved to Seville), it is a cool café featuring organic or locally sourced products, which then turns into an area for children to play freely (and it would seem quietly).


While I’m not a mother, at least of a human, I do have friends who are and a common complaint is that in reality, few places in Seville are particularly equipped for children. I reckon then that Mamafante & Papaposa must be like dying and going to mummy and daddy heaven. So much so that my friend Lulu and I over our second cup of coffee, were considering becoming mothers just so we can bring our future offspring here and hang out.

Locationwise, if you’re not used to making it north of the Alameda, the backstreets close to Plaza Pumarejo might seem like a bit of a schlep. But whether you’ve got kids or not, it’s worth the trip to give these guys a whirl.

Mamafante & Papaposa, Calle Fray Diego de Cadiz 11

Opening hours – Monday to Friday 09.00 – 13.00, 16.00 – 20.00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays – 10 to 20.00

Website and Facebook








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