Magnum Summer Club – outdoor pool

One of the most bewildering aspects of summer in Seville is the striking lack of open air swimming pools available to the public. Even on those most hellishly hot days of the year I´ve never been quite brave enough to saunter into a hotel, passing myself off as one of their paying guests, in order to gain access to a pool of water that´s not just a puddle of my own sweat.

But dear friends, there is a swimming pool in this fair city that does not require any silly disguises or resorting to identity theft. It´s just a matter of heading over to Magnum Summer Club, officially part of the Hotel Melia Lebreros in Nervion. You pay 10 Euros per visit and they throw in a towel.

It´s a curious place, I won´t lie. The pool is lined ´exclusive´ looking white double beds, all Ibiza´d up with billowing drapes and shisha pipes. On arrival we spotted a vacant bed, lay down our bits and pieces, only to find out that in order to occupy such a grandiose space one has to ´buy a bottle´ and by that I don´t think they mean a botellín of Cruz Campo.

There are other poolside lounging paraphernalia that don´t require aping the ostentatious naffness of Kim Karshadian and Kanye West, but there is more than a whiff of Jersey Shore about the whole set up, particularly on a Saturday afternoon when you throw a few stag/hen parties into the mix.

But the pool itself is wet and cool and in the absence of many other options, it does the trick. It´s up to you if you embrace the ´copas and cocktails´ by the pool vibe, or just surreptitiously sip from a bottle of water, smuggled in inside your sarong (I think you can probably guess which option I went for).

Magnum Summer Club, Calle Luis De Morales 2


  1. Trent 8 years ago

    This place is CLOSED!!!!!!!

    • Author
      maryblog 8 years ago

      thanks for letting my know. I’ve just checked in with them and the hotel where it’s based is being done up. Sorry if you went there and were disappointed.

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