How to chill out in Seville

All things considered, Seville isn’t a stressful city. I’ve lived in London and it’s fair to say in comparison we’re pretty low down on the burn-out barometer.

But nonetheless, even if your only reason to be worn out is a daily imbibing of cervecitas and not enough sleep, it’s still a good idea to get some down time.

So here are my top tips of what to do if you’re feeling a bit tired and emotional.

Head to the River

There’s a whole world of chill going down by the river. From sitting on a grassy bank drinking a litrona of beer with your mates, to running or cycling along its banks, or even getting in a canoe , a kayak or rowing boat; there’s something for everyone.

Go to the Arab Baths

Hand on heart the most relaxed I’ve ever been in my life was after spending the afternoon at the Arab Baths on calle Aire. It’s up there in ‘special treat’ territory as they are ‘fancy spa’ prices, but every detail is thought out with absolute care to ensure maximum peaceful enjoyment. Just don’t go there on a Friday night when by all accounts it’s mostly couples dry humping in dark corners.

arab baths

Find a bit of countryside in the city

Sometimes I crave nature and when the mood gets me I head to el Huerto del Rey Moro, the enchanting urban veg patch in barrio San Luis. A bit further afield are the orange groves in Parque Alamillo, where even on a weekend you’ll be hard pressed to see more than a hand full of people.


Take up Meditation

Mindfulness is the buzz word of the moment and there are lots of courses on offer in Seville. But if you want to go on a regular basis to a friendly meditation centre, try La Barca del Buda in Plaza Moravia that follows the teachings of Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Thich Nhat Hanh.

Do yoga outside

There are loads of yoga classes in Seville in every neighbourhood, but Nilly Yoga combines my two favourite things: yoga and being outside. Check out her Facebook page for more details.

nilly yoga

Get your chi in order

Feeling stressed can effect every part of your body, including your energetic system, otherwise known as chi or Qi. There are lots of different therapies you can do to get everything in order again from Chi Kung, Acupuncture and Reiki.

chi gung pic

Dance your arse off

I love a bit of dancing me. But being of a certain age where doing it surrounded by people who are so drunk they cannot stand up, is no longer such an attractive proposition. So I’ve sought out some other alcohol free alternatives. So far my favourite is one that doesn’t even have a Facebook page. It’s basically a bunch of people who love dancing, meet every Sunday evening usually at 8pm, and then just dance their arses off for an hour. There’s no gazing into your partner’s eyes or holding hands a la Biodanza, it’s just literally busting grooves for sixty minutes in any way you see fit and then we all go our separate ways.

Email: for more information.

me dancing

This is where the magic started at my 12th birthday party on the Isle of Wight


Mary B
  1. Chris Purkis 5 years ago

    Hey Mary,
    I’ve been doing random google searches trying to avoid getting a lot of useless info on the most touristy things to do while im here in Seville – i just arrived this morning, and i was laughing my arse off reading some of your posts.. and i will definitely count on some of your tips!!! I know this may sound weird, but was wondering if you are around at all the next two nights and might be up for grabbing a beer or water or tapas with a completely random stranger?

    I guess I should say a thing or two about me 😉 I’ve been living in Lisbon for almost 3 years, im a weird hybrid mixture of Ecuadorian and British and U.S. American blood and i decided to have a 2 day romantic get away by myself to Seville, 2 days before my 27th birthday, because a colleague at work told me yesterday it was beautiful. Anyways, either way thanks for your splendid blog and maybe hear from you, maybe not!


    • Chris Purkis 5 years ago

      I just want to apologize up front I dont really know how blogs work and now realize I’ve posted what was meant for one person to the whole world, sorry about that!

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