Hot in the city

Most people have heard about the unbelievable heat of Seville in July and August, the kind of tarmac melting hotness that makes it difficult to breath, and impossible to do anything from mid morning until after dusk. Right now we´re in early May and already the street thermometers are reading in the mid to late 30s. There´s no getting away from the fact that it is darn hot.

Which can only mean one thing, or at least it does for me, it´s ice cream time! (cue a Dick Van Dyke sideways jump for joy in the air). And I´m not talking sickly sweet Maxibon or Cornetto type affairs, I mean serious Italian Gelato courtesy of Freskura, the handmade ice cream emporium, nestling in a shady corner off the Alameda.

Freskura pride themselves on their ice creams prepared daily in situe, using the best natural ingredients which change according to the season. There are some year round staples such as my personal favourites, the sugar and milk free chocolate and a deliciously tart frutti de bosco, but pop in late summer, early autumn and you´ll find the most divinely delicious fresh fig variety that simply bursts with straight-off-the-tree flavour.

As well as ice cream they also specialise in Italian cakes, hand made lollies, fancy pastries and teeny tiny chocolate treats. Plus I´ve also just spotted a reason to make my fifth return there this week, and that is to sample the Ice cream Bocadillo, which appears to be chunks of chocolate and ice cream encased in a kind of sweet bread roll and finished off with cream.

So if you spot someone who´s clearly eaten too much ice cream waddling around the Alameda this summer, it will probably be me. So please say hello!

Calle Vulcano 4


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