Help the homeless at Christmas

It’s easy to live as a foreigner in Seville and feel disconnected from the everyday problems affecting the city. Life can be a cosy bubble of language classes (insert job of choice here), beers with mates after work, and nice trips to the beach in the summer.

But behind the cheery veneer, Seville like any major city, suffers from the same markers of poverty such as homelessness. That’s why British PHD student, Vivian David, has decided to embark on a pre-christmas venture in which she and an international group of volunteers will distribute clothes, hot food and sanitary products to the homeless around the city.


PHD student, Vivan David

Vivian, 27, who has only been in Seville for two months, has decided to trial this week long project in Seville, with a view to extending it to other cities such as Cadiz.

Collections have started already at different points around the city, and the teams of volunteers will deliver the donations of food, clothes etc. during the week commencing the 4th December.

“The ethos’ says Vivian, “is to look after each other. There is so much you can do with so little.”

So far about 30 people have expressed an interest in volunteering, both before and during the week. Now the most pressing need is to get enough donations of clothes, food, and personal hygiene products.

For more information, contact Vivian on 692 521 856 or for Spanish speakers Carlos on 687 276 262 or head to the Facebook page.





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