Gynaecologist in Seville

While I’m not one to publicly share the goings on in my lady regions, I recently had cause to get myself an appointment with a gynaecologist.

It’s a world I’m not familiar with, gynaecologists I mean, not my lady regions. But luckily a trusted friend had recently raved about Marga Alarcón de Francisco, a private gynaecologist with a practice near Plaza Museo.

I’m not going to go into the gory details, suffice to say that I was attended with professionalism, respect, kindness and a healthy dose of humour.

So, if you’re not in the Spanish national health system or want to get yourself a prompt appointment, I couldn’t recommend Marga enough.


Marga Alarcón de Francisco

Calle Herrera el Viejo 6, Seville 41001, Tel 954 228 294, email

Appointments in Spanish

Mary B
  1. Kaz Wheeler 6 years ago

    Hi there

    Does this Dr speak English ?

    • Author
      maryblog 6 years ago

      Hi Kat, she probably wouldn’t have enough English to do a proper consultation in English I’m afraid.

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