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As we all know, the city of Seville is divided in two: the green of Betis and the red of Sevilla football clubs.

Over the past few years, however, the green has been expanding; only this time I’m not talking about the swelling number of football supporters but the ever-increasing realization that our planet is suffocating due to (among other things) plastic.

Seville is rapidly becoming a city where we can buy household products that are plastic-free.  On Calle Feria you can find El Jarrillo Lata selling bamboo toothbrushes to water bottles and everything in between both in store and online.

For dried foods where you can use your own containers to take the goods home try Grano y Granel on Calle Farmaceutico Murillo Herrera where rice, pasta, tea, pulses and much more are available by the sack-load. You can even exercise responsibly in the open air with Entreenate who offers many different classes in beautiful parks and by the river.


From a gastronomic point of view, vegetarian and vegan bars are much more common such as Veganitessen in Arenal Market Calle Pastor y Landero, and pubs like The Merchant are no longer offering plastic bottles and straws.

Sustainable Instagrammers of Seville

These are but a few examples and to help you navigate the green explosion in Seville are three Instagrammers who are committed to reducing waste and living free from chemicals:

@livin_la_vida_low_waste  was started at the beginning of the year and already has many ideas on where to go in Seville in order to help reduce food waste (,  plant swapping, craft, hygiene and also how you can rid yourself of the unnecessary chemicals we all have in our kitchens and bathrooms.

@midorita_net began last autumn with ideas towards living in a greener household (literally and on a more global scale). Midorita talks about everything from responsible fashion and beauty to the Midorita Project which started in Triana and is spreading across the city: local shops are encouraged to stock sustainable products and spread the word.

@everydaysustainable helps you with ideas from growing your own vegetables on your terrace, building furniture from waste items to yoga, meditation and photography.

As these bloggers say, it’s ‘poco a poco’ but if we all did a little, it would mean a lot.


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