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Have you ever met anyone who loves going to the dentist?

‘I’m really excited’, they might exclaim. ‘Today’s the day I get a root canal’. Obviously that never happens.

I’m in the fairly normal territory of leaving it as long as I can between visits and only gracing their doors when a mild dull pain threatens to turn into something more nasty.


But in my case at least 7 years had passed since last seeing a dentist and I’d decided to get my nasty black, mercury fillings removed.

It’s a bit of a delicate task and without any recommendations to go on, I decided to go blindly to the clinic ‘Ontologia Natural’ on calle Feria.

Run by Uruguayan couple Valeria and Joaquin, turns out it was a good call, as it was probably the most pain free dentistry I’ve had in my life. Joaquin is very gentle and has a light touch, plus they try to make the experience as stress free and non-invasive as possible.

Something that I really loved is how they arrange the bookings so that you walk straight into your appointment. No sitting around listening to drilling while working up a sweat.

So all in all, it’s been a suprisingly almost-pleasant, trauma-less experience. My smile has never looked so good.

Ontologia Natural, Calle Feria 31 (some English spoken)

Tel: 954 047 295 | 625 455 240







Mary B

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