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It always seems to be raining when I go for the first time into what have now become well trodden haunts. But anyway it was tipping it down, I’d been sales shopping, and I was still pretty new in town. My friend said, ´Cor blimey´ (she was a cockney) ´let’s go to this little bar near the Corte Inglés´. She wasn´t sure exactly where it was (she was new in town too), and eventually, we stumbled upon Alfakeke. That night it was pretty quiet, and was marked by an elderly drunk who was intent on getting some Guiri action, and the rather dramatic appearance of a flaming chorizo, apparently the house speciality, which as I was vegetarian left me rather non-plussed. But the seed was sown, because since then I can´t tell you how many times I´ve been back.

Somehow for a blink and you´ll miss it bar, this place has become a staple for a very international, slightly bohemian and generally rather drunk crowd. A major reason are the owners Pierre and Rodolfo, who´ve worked their French arses off to get Alfakeke on the map. They are champions of live music and the arts in general, and most weeks squeeze 2 gigs into this tiny bar, with those who can´t fit in, spilling out on to the streets.

The booze is reasonably priced, as well as Cruz Campo, they have some off piste international wine and beers, and thankfully they´ve extended their menu beyond flaming pigs.

Alfakeke, Calle San Vicente 13


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