A few weeks ago I had two flamenco themed Wednesdays. One week it was La Peña Cultural Torres Macarena, which never disappoints and the following saw me cycling through bone drenching rain across el Cachorro Bridge to the self proclaimed home of Flamenco, Triana.

If I´m honest, on any other occasion, a mere light shower would have been excuse enough to stay put on the sofa. But the fact that Dutch flamenco guitarrist Tino Van Der Sman was playing, someone I met in my first month of living in Seville over 5 years ago, compelled me to don my waterproof and throw coziness to the wind.




Tonight Tino was playing at Flamenquería on Calle Castilla in Triana. A unique combination of flamenco school and tablao, with a shop thrown in to the works. From Thursday through to Saturday it offers a show called ´Orillas de Triana´ with Tablao prices, but often to start the week they have young artists or one off performances, such as Tino and tonight´s dancer Alba Lucera.


It´s an unusual venue for a flamenco show. On entering you´re likely to be greeted by the last breaths of a flamenco class, serving as a tantalizing aperitif to the show itself, which takes place against the dramatic backdrop of the River Guadalquivir.

It doesn´t have the cosy, grassroots feel of a peña, but nor does it reak of ´Just for Tourists´either. And as an option to scratch that flamenco itch, the Flamenquería is certainly one to keep up your polka-dotted, frilly sleeve.

Tino Van der Sman´s latest album Curioso Impertinente

Or you can find him on Facebook

Flamenquería, Calle Castilla 94, 955 226 411



Mary B

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