Five best places in Seville for a Tinder date

Are you a Tinder user? Do you shout about it from the rooftops or talk about it in hushed tones?

For those of you who like me until recently had never heard of it, Tinder is a mobile phone application for meeting/hooking up with other people. It works with GPS, so depending on how far you spread your net, the more people show up on your phone.

It’s linked to Facebook, so you also get to see if your mates are on it, or at the very least if the person you’re peaking at shares any friends in common. And what with Seville being rather like a large village, there are about 2 degrees of separation instead of six.

Then there’s the whole swiping thing. I still haven’t mastered it and recently accidently ‘superliked’ someone who goes to my meditation group, which will challenge any semblance of ‘being in the present moment’ next time I see him.

But anyway, all that aside, it’s good to have some tactical suggestions up your sleeve for those times that you’ve progressed from messaging, to WhatsApp, to actually meeting in the flesh.

I am by no means an expert, but first choice is to meet in a public place, but obviousness aside this is where it gets a bit trickier.

Meet someone  in the Alameda and your ‘date’ will lose any possible sense of anonymity as one or both of you will be greeted by a succession of familiar faces shooting knowing looks. Not cool.

A good choice is to meet inside a bar. Seville being Seville, unless it’s peeing down with rain, most bars remain practically empty while everyone else is gassing away on the street.

So go for somewhere with a bit of atmosphere at least, as tumbleweed flying past as nervous voices echo across an empty space can leave one feeling a tad uncomfortable.

So here are my top five best Tinder date locations:

1. La Jeronima

Located just off Calle Regina, La Jeronima is just the right side of hipster cool. There are drinks to suit everyone’s tastes from artisan beer to fancy pants infusions with yogic names. It’s cosy and could stretch to being romantic if needs be. Perfect for both afternoon and evening liaisons.
la jeronima 1
The first real hipster joint in town, they’ve recently gone for giant tables to share, which could be tricky if you’re trying to be on the down-low about your Tindering activities. But if you manage to get a cosy sofa, it’s a winner and if boredom is an issue, there’s no better place to people watch.
Trianeros shouldn’t be left out of any Tinder action and Sala el Cachorro could provide the perfect choice for a first meeting. Again, you’re away from the madding crowds and there’s just enough of a hint of intimacy to allow love to blossom.
sala el cachorro
New lounging joint on the block Metáforas has only been open a few weeks. It’s part art/ second hand furniture showroom, part café-bar. Minus the slightly harsh lighting, it has a cool, laid back vibe that should impress a Tinder suitor. And if you run out of things to say, you can always take to rummaging through the racks of vintage clothes to break the awkward silence.
Open from first thing in the morning to late at night, La Cacharrería is a multi-purpose Tinder destination. Brunch, afternoon tea and cakes, cocktails, plain old cervecita: whatever time of the day you decide to meet, La Cacharrería’s got it covered.
So there you have it, don’t be shy Tinderers, share your own suggestions for top meeting spots.


Mary B
  1. Neelia Sonrouw 5 years ago

    Ew, really?????? With all due respect but THERE is your reason for going to the gyno, miarma…

    • Author
      Mary B 5 years ago

      Neelia, I think you’re making huge assumptions about what happens on or after a Tinder date. I don’t get the link between going for a coffee and needing to see a gynaecologist. But perhaps there’s something you’d like to share…?

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