Estraperlo – organic cuisine finds a new upmarket home

I love all things organic, healthy and local. It’s just how I roll these days. So I was sad when Estraperlo upped sticks from its cubby hole in the Alameda and moved to the upmarket of El Porvenir. That’s because I knew I would no longer be able to just pop by, sit at the giant, shared wooden table and eat some delicious, freshly made, organic tapas.

But move it did and today for the first time in months I found myself at lunchtime on the other side of Parque Maria Luisa.


Gone is the hidden courtyard that could be so easily missed. Instead there are giant glass windows inviting you into the spacious interior. It feels more like a restaurant that happens to have an organic shop attached, unlike before when it was the other way round.

The menu now differentiates between first and second courses, rather than all just being tapas size as before. Plus as the opening hours extend to the evening, evening dining is also on offer.


The food continues to be delicious. Today I ate a salad with fresh leaves, strawberries from Lebrija and advocado, a dish of roasted pumpkin and red onion with a tahini sauce, and a slice of cheeseless pizza with baby tomatoes.

Owner Ana is still at the helm, and there continue to be regular cooking workshops such as this month’s how to make tartars, Japanese cuisine, and Mexican food.

All in all I would say Estraperlo is much more of an upmarket operation now. Less cosy and laid back, but still a pleasant experience. In the end I’m all for embracing change, even if it means leaving the Alameda to do it.

Estraperlo – Santa Rosa 4, Sevilla 41013

Tel: 954 963 538/

Mary B

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