Entrelineas – my new bar crush

There’s an ebb and flow to Alameda bar life. Like birds migrating from one clime to another, so do the diehard Alameda ‘de toda la vida’ brigade. There was a moment when the Lonja de Feria seemed to be a who’s who of barrio faces, but fashions fade and now there’s another bar on the block.


Entrelineas on Calle Peris Mencheta has in fact been open for a while. It’s tasteful green façade and warm, golden hued lighting had beckoned me in for sometime. But it was only last night that I finally found myself perched at its bar.

As ever the street outside the bar is much a part of it as inside. But whether you’re outside or in, it’s a hipster/rocker hybrid crowd, with the odd guiri thrown into the mix. The music is discerning, not just any old commercial rubbish, with songs that stop you in mid conversation and make you smile.

Apparently a big selling point is Estrella Galicia at 1.50 a bottle and there seemed to big bottles of German beer being quaffed as well. I’m not a big alcohol expert, but the punters seemed to be happy.

Entrelineas has the look of being somewhere that after a few visits, you’re on first name terms with the staff and probably everyone else in the bar as well. In fact their tag line on Facebook is ‘No se sabe de nadie que haya venido una sola vez’ – there’s never been anyone who’s only been once.

No need to say anything else.

Café Entrelineas, Calle Peris Mencheta 19

Open from 7pm – 1am.


Mary B

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