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There’s definitely a food revolution going on in Seville. I’m not just talking the constant openings of gastro tapas bars around town, but also the bespoke, artisan food shops and delis that increasingly pepper the city.

To the north of the old town in the San Julian neighbourhood, on a street that even after living for almost six years I have problems pronouncing (San Hermenegildo), a new gastro offering has just opened its doors. It’s called El Obrador and is a homage to all things Italian, in particular fresh pasta, pizza, pasta sauces and bread.


Opened by couple Natalia from Barcelona and her Argentinian partner Juan, they have been servicing restaurants throughout the city with their fresh pasta for a few years now. But this new venture also gives an opportunity for the general public to buy directly from them, taking away or eating-in at their sizeable wooden table.

From inside the shop  you have a direct view to the open kitchen at the back, where Juan lovingly works away from an hour when many Sevillanos are still out partying.

Juan is so dedicated to his love of bread making that when the couple go on holiday, he takes his precious sourdough with him (apparently it needs daily feeding). Now that’s dedication.


Most of the ingredients used by El Obrador are organic and locally sourced. They also ensure a vegan option is always available. When I was there I tried the most delicious tofu and aubergine quiche, with a hint of curry and a creamy texture thanks to the coconut milk used instead of dairy.

For groups there’s the possibility of the petit comité, which is a kind of tasting menu of their stand out dishes, with the option of participating in the preparation process, such as helping Juan make the fresh pasta.

For me it’s a welcome but dangerous stop off point on my way home from work. Why cook at home, when I can feast on freshly made, Italian delights; all without breaking the bank? Frankly, it’s a no brainer.

El Obrador, Calle San Hermenegildo 6a, Sevilla
Tel: 955 358 405, website, Facebook












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