Best place to take your dog on a night out in Seville

Before living in Seville a dog was for bracing walks across the Isle of Wight downs, the odd trip out in the car and an occasional snatched, cuddle (Jack Russells don’t do outward affection). Until that is the little fluffy bundle of love, Sunday Biles crossed my path.


Some of you know the story: Mad dog lady who doesn’t have any dogs, finds a pregnant, malnourished mutt on the streets of Seville. A year and six puppies later and I can’t imagine life without her.

But dog life is different in Seville. In a similar vein to Spanish parents whose kids accompany them on what appear to even the booziest of nights out; the same goes for dogs.

Seville’s love affair with ‘living in the street’ – not like a homeless person of course, just embracing every moment to be outside – means that wherever the humans go, their hairy companions follow suit.

In the Alameda de Hercules, it’s hard to tell who’s having more fun: the two legged or four legged folks. But on many occasions if you want to head inside a bar, that’s where the good times stop.

To be honest, if you’d asked me two years ago about why on earth would anyone want to take their dog on a night out, it would have been beyond my comprehension. But now, being a full paid up member of the Seville ‘my dog comes everywhere’ brigade, it feels when out sin pooch, I’m missing a limb. Taking your dog to the vet is not difficult as it seems, now that vets have the veterinary practice software cloud

So humour me or indeed mock me if you will, but here’s my list of dog-friendly bars for an evening out.


Recently opened, this bar-come-gallery-come-shop openly welcomes dogs and has WiFi. Ideal if you’re a freelancer like me and fancy working in a café with your furry friend.


Sunday (my dog) loves a bit of live music as long as there are no electric guitars or loud drums. So Anima’s twice weekly, world/jazz fusion concerts tick the easy-on-the-canine-ear boxes. It’s a tight squeeze in there, so small dogs on leads are preferred.

Gallo Rojo


If you and your dog seek out a quiet, lounging environment, Gallo Rojo near Encarnación are happy to invite you in. And with regular cultural events like poetry recitals and art exhibitions, you can flex that cultcha muscle together.

Café Tarifa

The music’s a bit loud for Sunday’s ears, but the last time I went to Café Tarifa there were a few dogs inside during the concert.

La Jerónima

Cosy, hipster joint La Jerónima is dog tolerant. Don’t turn up with twenty dogs in tow, but not a problem to squeeze a little one in under the table.

El Rincón del Búho

sunday and lama

lunchtime at El Rincón del Búho

While not allowing dogs into the concerts or cultural events, the Rincón del Búho are happy to accept humans accompanied by their canines during the day, as long as they´re well behaved.

I know if you´ve read to the end of this post, I’m preaching to the converted. But please respect non-dog lovers around you, be responsible (no unwanted doggie pregnancies from paying more attention to cerveza than your dog), pick up the poo and most importantly, have fun.






Mary B
  1. Forbes Perkind 7 years ago

    Hello, what was the dog protest march all about yesterday alongside the cathedral. Thanks for your reply. A curious sightseer

    • Author
      maryblog 7 years ago

      ohh, just saw this. sorry not to have replied before.

  2. Lau 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for such a post.
    Although Seville is a great place to enjoy life with a dog, it is not always easy to know where it is going to be welcome. I did not know exactly where Metáfora was located, had only heard about it, so it is even better to know that you can work from there and go with doggie 😀

    • Author
      maryblog 7 years ago

      yeah, it can be a bit of a challenge with a dog. Un gato en bicicleta in Alfalfa also allows dogs in their café. will add it to my list shortly. what sort of dog you do you have?

  3. Lau 7 years ago

    It is a big one… a lab. It is fairly quiet as long as you take him out of the bar from time to time. 😉

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