Cornershop and a brim full of vegetables

One of my favourite things about Seville is that you may never need to set foot inside a supermarket for your fruit and vegetables. Every street corner almost guarantees a green grocers´, food markets are still going strong and even the ubiquitous Chinese bazaar has a decent selection of veggies.

But one of my top spots for late night stocking up on my greens is a teeny tiny hole in the wall near Plaza San Marco, brimmed full with fresh and non wilting fruit and vegetables. Called Pak España, it´s owned by some very amenable Pakistani chaps who this afternoon practically had me twisting an imaginary light bulb as Bollywood tunes blasted out from inside. Today mine was a last minute guacamole mission, but it is worth knowing that they usually have Coriander (which can be nigh on impossible to find), and if I hadn´t been going to a party, I´d have grabbed one of the bunches of spinach that was tantalising me with its understated freshness. They´re open pretty late, cheaper than the often-over priced food markets and delivery at no extra cost is available.

Pak España, Calle San Luis (Plaza San Marco)


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