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I love it when a guiri makes good. Deborah, American by birth is fast cornering the artisan cake and cookie market. It happened by an accident when, after showing her disdain for the desserts in an unnamed Seville gourmet tapas bar, they challenged her to see if she could do better.

Turns out she could, and before Deborah knew it she was supplying many of the Alameda bars and cafes with her signature cakes under the name of ‘Cookie Love Love’ . I say signature because in Seville very few people bake with butter, preferring the saturated fat designed by the devil, margarine. And for Deborah a cake with margarine would be like patatas bravas with ketchup for a madrileño.

cookie love love1

Her speciality is a classic carrot cake following her grandmother’s recipe. The originally named ‘crack cake’ comes next filled with chocolate chip cookies, cracked caramel and covered in Nutella.

When business got too big for her kitchen, Deborah decided to open her own baking workshop. Tucked away on a side road, just off Peris Mencheta, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the latest hipster hang out joint with its graffitied doors, comfy leather sofa, pink lighting and Rolling Stones style artwork.

cookie love love

While normally Cookie Love Love only supplies whole cakes to bars and for private orders, just last week Deborah started ‘Lo que me da la gana’ – which means whatever I feel like doing. So from 4-7pm every Saturday she opens her kitchen to the public where they can buy whatever it was that she felt like cooking that week. Last week it was cookies, tomorrow it’s cup cakes. The difference being that these are individual size portions and not the entire cakes Deborah normally supplies.

To find out what her whim will be this week, which bars she supplies, or to enquire about private cake orders, check out the Cookie Love Love Facebook Page.

Cookie Love Love, Calle Molino 11B, Alameda district, Tel: 622 39 13 26

Opens to public: Saturdays from 4-7pm



Mary B
  1. Sri 7 years ago

    What a fantastic story! Take on what life throws at you, would be my lesson from this! Wish I could pop into Cookie Love Love this afternoon and see what’s cooking!

    • Author
      maryblog 7 years ago

      Ha yes. And the cookies are tasty too!

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