ConTenedor – lunch just got a whole lot healthier

There are few places in Seville that guarantee quality every time in a dining experience. It’s frustrating really. One time you’re bowled over and the next, it’s a rather luke-warm affair, sometimes quite literally.

Not so with ConTenedor. Its pre-booked tables are packed nightly as diners flock in droves to sample their slow-foodesque, almost-but-not-quite-organic, fine dining menu. The service is always attentive and standards resolutely high.

But they’ve never really cracked the midweek, lunchtime market and of late haven’t even opened their doors. In the last month or so that’s all changed with the ConTenedor lunchtime takeaway menu. Basically you get to choose from one of their three signature rice dishes, duck, squid in black ink (my personal favourite) and vegetable. Also on offer is a huge garden salad and a choice of desserts.

contenedor takeaway

The food comes in recyclable takeaway boxes, although the takeaway bit is in fact optional with most people choosing to sit in. I went for the 100% max lunchtime experience and had the salad, black rice and apple tart as dessert, coming in at 13 Euros without drinks. I was utterly stuffed before I even got to dessert, which I dully took home in its recyclable box.

contenedor takeaway

I loved the experience from start to finish, particularly the cute eco-touch of the takeaway boxes, which as an aside live out their days containing plants in the nearby Huerto del Rey Moro. In fact if you fancy living the whole healthy takeaway experience to the max, why not head to the Huerto, sit under a shady tree and eat your lunch al fresco, accompanied by a gentle breeze and some bird song. Bliss.

Lunchtime Takeaway Monday – Thursday 1-4pm

ConTenedor, Calle San Luis 50, Tel 954 91 63 33

ConTenedor Website




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