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That fella Descartes who once said ‘I think, therefore I am’ might have done society a bit of a disfavour. We’re all just constantly thinking, problem solving, mulling over, worrying, predicting, reflecting back. God, I feel mentally exhausted just thinking about it. Oh dear, there I go with the whole thinking thing again.

You see our bodies somehow have ended up as being mere means of transport for the overactive lumps of jelly on top of our shoulders. We don’t really pay attention to them until they start to fail on us, where as in fact they are constantly firing out warning signals saying ‘What about me? I don’t want another coffee. Hang on a moment, I’d really like to sleep more than 5 hours a night… pleeeaaasssee, just listen to me.’

And so time passes, our minds get more neurotic and our bodies fall apart. It’s like this massive, big surprise and then we wonder how it all happened.

But it’s not too late dear friends. You can get your old mind and body working in perfect harmony thus leading to optimum health, both mental and physical… Step in Chi Kung (or Qi Gong). A therapeutic practise rooted in Chinese medicine, it involves gentle exercises combined with mindful breathing to restore equilibrium once more to our entire beings.

Its proclaimed benefits (many proven in scientific studies) include:
emotional balance, relaxation and stress reduction, improved heart functioning, lowering cholesterol, improved lung capacity, strengthening the nervous and immune systems, improved sleep, weight control, improved muscle tone, joint maintenance, diminished possibility of osteoporosis and last but not least, the expansion of ones consciousness (my own personal favourite).

I attended a class for beginners on Monday with Guillermo Rabal, an experienced practitioner who took great care to explain the benefits of each exercise. Perfect for someone dipping their toes in the Chi Kung waters for the first time and in need of some careful and patient explanation, all of which Guillermo was delighted to provide.

I felt both relaxed and energised afterwards and my body was very grateful to have had a long awaited reunion with its errant master, the mind.

Classes are Mondays at 6pm at La Barca del Buda, Calle Moravia 6 and cost 30 euros per month for one class a week.

Guillermo Rabal 607 785 576


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