A Breakfast Revolution

I have a confession to make, one that I thought I´d never utter: ‘I’m sick of having toast, oil and tomato for breakfast’. While I’m writing this I can’t help but peer nervously over my shoulder in case the tostada police get wind and I’m marched out of the city for committing heresy. But it’s true, my love affair with morning breaded goods has cooled and we might be even embarking on a temporary separation.

But what to do? I’ve tried slipping in a few slices of Jamon to see if succumbing to the regional cured ham obsession will suffice to put some pep back into my morning ritual, but so far, it’s not hit the spot. But luckily there’s a subversive breakfast undercurrent pervading amongst certain eating establishments across the city, where they are daring to serve something other than the tried and tested fare.

A long standing morning vanguard has been the ‘Cacharrería’ on Calle Regina, just by the Setas. Yes there is tostada available, but it’s made with dark and delicious homemade bread, replete with a savoury selection of hummus and cheese or a mini  homemade jams and conserves. If you want to go off piste, there’s a more northern European selection of muesli, yogurt, fruit on offer, or you could just go wild and have a giant slice of one their signature creamy cakes. And don´t even get me started on their super healthy smoothies of every possible imaginable hue and flavour. It is indeed breakfast heaven.

Over in Alfalfa, gastrobar ‘The Room’ has got in on the kicking tostada to the curb act. They already embrace a myriad of cultures in their main menu, so it’s no surprise then that they’ve extended breakfast beyond the usual and include bagels, muesli, homemade jams etc.

And if you´re craving some close to an English breakfast, Quilombo on Peris Mencheta near the Alameda, has got the whole bacon and eggs thing going on, as well as an extensive tostada selection that has the audacity to mix ingredients such as ham and cheese. Whatever will they think of next.

So, to all you breakfast lovers, tostada is not the only fruit, be brave and daring, try the odd egg, indulge yourself in some yogurt with a sprinkling of muesli, and why not throw some cheese into the mix to boot. You never know, you might just be surprised.

Cacharrería, Calle Regina 14
The Room, Cuesta del Rosario 15, Alfalfa
Quilombo, Calle Peris Mencheta 6



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